Buying tokens during Nawaka 2018

Published: Monday, 21 September 2020 09:18
Geschreven door: Tristan de Boer

During Nawaka 2018 you can buy tokens, which can be exchanged for drinks and snacks. Find out here how to obtain them.

The tokens cost €0,50 each. At the Scoutshop, the Toko (supermarket) and the parking lot you pay using cash or card.

How to buy tokens?

Tokens can be bought at various places at the Central Market and the token office. Tokens can be paid for using cash or card. It is also possible to buy tokens in advance using Bunq. To buy tokens in advance, please visit Here, you will obtain a QR-code on your mobile phone, which can be exchanged for tokens at the token terminal. 

Parents can also buy tokens in advance for participants. They can send the QR-code to the participant, which then can be used to retrieve tokens.