41st Dublin, 3rd Port Dalky Seascout troop at Oase

Published: Monday, 21 September 2020 08:47

Sophie (16) and Kathleen (45) came to Zeewolde from Ireland, together with 19 other members of the 120 strong Sea Scout Troop 41st Dublin 3rd Port Dalkey.

 In Ireland many Sea Scouting groups are active. The Port Dalkey troop, established in 1956, has developed a tradition to go to foreign water scouting events and this is the 4th time to visit Nawaka. At home, they have 2 seaworthy sailing dinghies for three people and they also do kayaking at sea. They dream of a larger boathouse and more equipment.

As a child, Sophie already went sailing with her parents and so it was a logical next step to join the Sea Scout troop. She very much enjoyed the sailing at Nawaka and discovered that she was quite good at skulling (wrikken), which is not traditionally practised in Ireland. Kathleen appreciated the quality of the programme at Nawaka and the hospitality and good care of the organization and their buddy troop; the A.F. Philips group from Eindhoven. You should not be surprised if they join the next time again, with Sophie as a scout leader.