It was in 2017 that a 14 year old girl, a member of a Sea Scouts Club in The Netherlands, found an old and scruffy ship’s log at a jumble sale. The log was written by someone named Captain Claes ‘Blood Brother’ Compaen...

Captain’s log of the Pink Pearl, August 6th 1718

The crew was thirsty beyond words. There wasn’t a single breeze and we had been at sea for weeks. Suddenly someone cried from the crow’s nest: “Ahoy, a castaway!” A raft, with atop it a lonely figure was gently floating towards our ship. It was a piece of driftwood carrying a young lad, no older than fifteen. The boy was hoisted aboard and once he had regained his strength he began to talk: “Captain Rozkolora Barbo…his treasure…” The captain and his ship, together with nearly all men, women, rats and rum, had sunken to the depths near the port city of Seaewald. But rumour has it that the captain still managed to reach the beach with his treasure. Despite his youthful age the boy insisted that we go off on an adventure to hunt for the treasure. Us, looking for Rozkolora Barbo’s treasure? Seaewald, isn’t that….?
The girl slammed closed the captains log and packed her bag. “At Nawaka I'm going to look for the treasure!”



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